Facundo was a rugby player for more than ten years. But one rainy afternoon in a field a violent high tackle made him lose consciousness. The stadium fell silent. When he woke up he was definitely not the same. He murmured absurd words like "establishing shot" or "character moral need". After that, he simply walked away from the fields, started shooting films and he never looked back.


CAST – Daniel Drewes, Michael Hornig, Katharina Kron, Ben Behrend, Irina Potapenko & Mateusz Dopieralski | SCREENPLAY – Álvaro Parrilla Álvarez | DIRECTOR – Facundo Scalerandi | DOP – Brendan Uffelmann | PRODUCTION DESIGN – Johnny Haussmann | MAKE UP ARTIST – Waldemar Pokromski | SOUNDDESIGN – Pirmin Punke | EDIT – Daniel Scheuch & Jörg Stanke | COMPOSER – Michael Haves | PRODUCING – Dominik Strohbeck | PRODUCERS – Philipp Käsebohrer & Matthias Murmann | PRODUCTION – Btf GmbH & Academy of Media Arts Cologne